JCI Europe Equality & Diversity Taskforce

JCI Europe established a taskforce on Equality and Diversity in the beginning of 2019.
The purpose of the taskforce is for JCI Europe to be a leading organization when it comes to equality and diversity. We want the atmosphere to be welcoming, inclusive and safe for everyone. We want to correct the gender bias, not only within elected and appointed positions but also in our culture.

The taskforce works on producing suggestions, ideas, tools and opening up discussions on this topic. Local and National Organizations are welcome to utilize those tools and implement them in their society. We have a monthly Skype call to support members with such implementation. We have also launched a 12 month empowerment program with online webinars on different subjects related to equality, diversity, empowerment and social change. This program is open to anyone interested, inside and outside of JCI, and is free of charge. The taskforce is also working on implementing safe spaces at international JCI events in Europe and producing a plan of action on violence, bullying and sexual harassment.

The taskforce is comprised of JCI members from several National Organizations around Europe who are passionate about establishing and increasing equality and diversity within JCI on a European level.

Please check our Facebook Page for the next Webinars.

Svava Arnardóttir


JCI Iceland

Skills Development Committee

Skills Development is foundational to the mission of JCI. In order to empower young people to create positive change, we must equip them with skills necessary to do so.

From project management to advocacy, public speaking to marketing and of course leadership – the capabilities necessary to be effective leaders in our changing society must be learned and improved. These skill competencies also extend beyond active members. Beyond just teaching skills to the individual member, the JCI Skills Development program is also critical to share and reinforce the values of the JCI organization. Our foundational courses are utilized to teach our members the mission, vision, and values of JCI.

The Skills Development Committee (SDC) works with ensuring that new trainings are developed, and existing courses are being run. It also makes sure that new trainers qualify.

SDC is a global committee, with 2 members assigned to Europe. In Europe we support National Organizations and trainers, as well as making the training program at the European Conference and World Congress diverse, relevant and high quality for members.

A few of the most important plans for 2020 are:

  • Implement and Develop new JCI trainings in Europe
  • Training program at the European Conference and World Congress
  • Feedback Forms at the European Conference for participants to be able to share their view, and for trainers to receive feedback, develop and grow.
  • Improve the JCI Skills Development portal on the JCI website

Annika Hedström

Skills Development Committee Member

JCI Norway

Claudia Cordea

Skills Development Committee Member

JCI Romania

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee

Every five years, an appointed committee evaluates the past and present actions of the organization to plan for a n impactful future. The strategic planning process for the 2019–2023 plan started in 2017 and it was approved by the General Assembly at the 2018 JCI World Congress in Goa, India.

More than ever, JCI must adapt to the needs of young people and create momentum to remain relevant and impactful in our changing world. To be the organization that is home to young changemakers advocating for a better tomorrow in their communities and our world means every JCI stakeholder must align their actions with the five strategies outlined in the 2019–2023 JCI Strategic Plan: Impact, Motivate, Invest, Collaborate and Connect.

The 2020 JCI Strategic Plan Implementation Committee’s goal is to review the implementation of the JCI Strategic Plan in National Organizations, assist National Organizations in the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan and tabulate metrics on the progress made towards achieving our strategic objectives. Furthermore, the Committee is collecting and sharing Best Practice cases to ensure that knowledge about the JCI strategy is spread over the entire organization.

The Strategy Matrix
Objective: Link the 4 Areas of Opportunity and the 5 Strategic Themes to the individual member journey.
Key Outcome: Simple understanding and relatable communications on how we accelerate transformation.
How: Fill in the blank boxes in the matrix worksheet, communicating how you think each Area of Opportunity and Strategic Theme intersect and align.

Chris Baeriswyl

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee Member

JCI Switzerland

Magi Senserrich Guitart

Strategic Plan Implementation Committee Member

JCI Catalonia

Partnership Committee

The global key partners of JCI are

  • Ban Ki Mon Centre
  • BNI (Business Networks International)
  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
  • UN (United Nations)
  • WBAF (World Business Angels Forum)

The Partnership Committee members work closely with JCI Partnership manager Diana Sussmann-Tockstein and Secretary General Kevin Hin to support the collaboration with our partners, develop ideas for benefits for the members and the development of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU).

Participation at events of partners:

  • UN Global Compact online conference to promote JCI RISE
  • AIESEC online conference to introduce the JCI Project Methodology
  • WBAF to moderate the Grand Assembly and a keynote panel
  • Ban Ki Moon to board meetings

Elena Botvina

Partnership Committee Member

JCI Switzerland

Michael Steber

Partnership Committee Member

JCI Germany