JCI Europe Business Platform task force

Objective: To really open JCI for business. To promote and facilitate international business connections, activity and support among all European countries.


The idea to create a JCI Europe Business platform was suggested during the EPM 2020 following the general support of business activity among JCI members (one of the four areas of opportunity JCI provides) by JCI Cyprus and JCI Germany supported by many other National Organizations. Several unofficial efforts have existed, however these have not had a lasting contribution increasing business activity among JCI members/senators and Alumni (with official alumni status).


There is a need to establish a platform where JCI members and senators can learn about the business opportunities and needs of other JCI members and senators.

It is up to the taskforce to find ways (e.g. platform, app, website) to connect the people who need to be connected, such as through a database, website, a mobile app or events. The proposed solution should include a long-term plan to ensure continuity of the platform.


  • Following a short communication with Germany and Cyprus the idea is to create a common platform/database where JCI members/senators could gather information about other members/senators and their business offers and requests.
  • Regular networking sessions during various conferences – EC, WC, possibly ECM, international events.
  • Including JCI Senators and their network.
  • Who should be included in the network? Members, Senators, maybe alumni paying their fee to JCI.
  • Business speed networking at JCI events which also brings partnership opportunities – e.g. name partner etc.


  • By March 15: Gather a team
  • By April 15: Have a draft proposal of a simple solution and a plan for a long-term solution plan as well as a potential first networking session at ECM.
  • By April 27: Business networking programme at EC, proposal sent to National Presidents
  • At EC (May 27 – 30): Present the proposal and vote on it, organise business networking session and workshop

Interested in joining the taskforce?
Please contact Jana Havlíčková (jhavlickova@eu.jci.cc).