What is EDC?


  • An elected body within JCI Europe
  • Works towards Growth of current Local and National Organisations and Develops new Organisations in countries where JCI is still not present.
  • Provides Strategies for Growth and Development to JCI Europe: works closely with Executive Vice President Assigned to Europe as well as Vice Presidents
  • Acts on a grass root level
  • Hosts the JCI Growth & Development Academy and a number of other projects
  • Sits on the JCI Growth & Development Committee as a Commissioner
  • Works within Growth and Development on an international level
  • National Organisations from Europe with full, provisional or potential affiliation to JCI are automatically members of the European Development Council.

What are the EDC goals?


  • To actively seek to establish a JCI presence in European countries without National Organization
  • To provide the necessary support to National Organizations with potential or provisional affiliation
  • To assist JCI Vice Presidents active in existing NOMs with growth and development issues
  • To focus on development programs for National Organizations in Europe

2020 TEAM


EDC Chairwoman: Natascha Joof


  • Jonas Christoffersen, Executive Assistant to the Chairwoman
  • Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr, Skills Boosting
  • Jana Havlickova, Intensive Support
  • Heidi Jäntti, Intensive Support
  • Drazen Stankovic, New Organisations
  • Hans-Peter Visser, National and Local Collaboration
  • Manuela Weber, Impact and Promotion