Experts Pool is a tool that has been developed by the JCI European Development Council for the JCI countries in Europe to foster the usage of the expertise available within the organisation.

The biggest asset of JCI is the members, who are experts in different areas. We believe that the best way to support our organisations is by utilizing the expertise in the JCI network. For this reason we developed the Experts Pool as a tool to match organisation’s needs with experts in JCI that can help address these needs in the best possible way.

Experts Pool
for organisations


What support you can get?

The experts within the Experts Pool cover a wide range of areas and can provide diverse supports such as trainings, expert opinion, plans and other support, according to the specific need defined. Currently the tool is covering two domains of expertise: Personal Growth & Development and Organisational Growth & Development. The list of the areas covered by the experts in the pool can be found in the application form.

How to request support by an Expert?

Fill in the form below to request a support at any time you need. We will contact you for the next steps fo your suport application process.



If you are willing to share your expertise in the area you have mastered and help JCI organisations within Europe to address their specific needs, you are welcome to express your interest by filling the form below. We will contact you for the next steps to be included in the Experts Pool of JCI Europe.