JCI Europe Elections for 2023
2023 JCI Europe Team

Elections for the 2023 JCI European Development Council, JCI Europe e.V. General Legal Counsel and Treasurer

Open positions for 2023 are:
1 JCI European Development Council Chairperson
6 JCI Development Councilors for Europe, in following portfolios:
✓ 2 Councilors, Intensive support
✓ 1 Councilor, New organizations [Vacant]
✓ 1 Councilor, Skills boosting
✓ 1 Councilor, Impact and promotion
✓ 1 Councilor, National and local collaboration
1 General Legal Counsel
1 Treasurer

NB! If the candidate is running for a position of EDC councilor, he/she needs to rank the portfolios he/she is running for. Positions for EDC councilor are contested per portfolio. The candidate may run for up to three (3) portfolios but can be only elected to one (EDC Guidelines, Article 5-3-2). If the candidate runs for EDC councilor, he/she may also run for JCI Europe Treasurer and/or JCI Europe General Legal Counsel. To do so, the candidate needs to fill in a separate form for each position.


[Partial Elections] The application form for the vacant position of European Development Councilor, Portfolio “New Organisations” together with the required documents must be submitted before the deadline, which is extend until November 21st, 2022 | 23:59 GMT+1. The candidacy will be accepted and evaluated only if the full set of documents required is received within the defined deadline.

NB! Documents submitted after the deadline and/or not containing all documents required will not be reviewed and evaluated.

Application Form:

In order to be considered as a candidate, the eligible member must fill in the following form and attach all required documents within the stated deadline.

NB! Before start filling in the form, you can see here the form questions and information to be filled in, so to get prepared in advance.

JCI Europe Elections for 2023


Following qualifications for office, as prescribed in the JCI Constitution, the JCI Europe e.V. Constitution and the EDC Guidelines must be covered by the candidates:

  1. The candidate has not reached his/her fortieth (40th) birthday prior to assuming office, if elected (JCI Constitution Bylaw 8-15, Section 1). 
  2. The candidates is an Individual Member of JCI and shall have been so for a minimum of three (3) years at the time of election (JCI Constitution Bylaw 8-15, Section 2).
  3. The candidate fulfils the eligibility for the office he or she is applying for as defined in the JCI EDC Guidelines Article 2-7. Please note, the JCI Europe Treasurer and the JCI Europe General Legal Counsel serve as observers for the EDC Board and they are elected by the General Assembly of the Association Junior Chamber International Europe e.V. The Eligibility for the JCI Europe Treasurer and the JCI Europe General Legal Counsel are specified in the Constitution of the Association Junior Chamber International Europe e.V. (JCI Europe Constitution) § 8 Board of Directors. 
  4. The candidate is fully aware of the provisions of continued membership as provided in the JCI Constitution Bylaw 8-16; Sections 1, 2 and 3.
  5. The National Organisation to which the candidate belongs, must be, at the time of election, current in the payment of dues to the organisation, as stipulated in the JCI Constitution Bylaw 8-15, Section 3 and also in the JCI EDC Guidelines Article 4-3.