JCI Europe Magazine

Mission: to have a physical magazine or book by the end of 2020, that is inspiring for existing members and that shows potential members and partners what we do.


The best stories and best practices of National and Local Organizations within Europe should be told in the magazine. These can be community projects, business events or training courses and academies, but also how a National or Local Organization was started, what partners are used and how both parties benefit from the partnership, or challenges that an organization has faced and how they have overcome it. Other ideas are interviews with TOYP winners or other award winners. In total the stories should address all areas of opportunity more or less equally.


The physical result can be a magazine or a (hardcover or paperback) book. There should be an online version as well. The paper version should make use of methods such as QR-codes to integrate multimedia content such as videos, audio files and additional photos. The stories should have good and many pictures. The magazine will be in English. If National Organizations insist, we can work with them on a translation. Additional costs may be theirs.


The magazine should contribute to a stronger brand of JCI in Europe. It should promote the four areas of opportunity, and should show how JCI contributes to a better Europe. The layout should be professional, not like a high school yearbook. The magazine should be aligned with the revamped JCI Europe campaign (now called StepUp4Europe).

An idea to emphasize the four areas of opportunity is to add an icon to each article, that is a circle with four quadrants in four different colors. Each quadrant is larger or smaller, depending on to which extent the project or event addresses the area of opportunity represented by that quadrant. Furthermore the SDG icons can be added. We can also add an infographic page with statistics of all stories combined, for example the total number of participants, the SDGs addressed, the ACF usage, the total amount of money raised, etc.


The target audience are JCI members in Europe and potential members, partners, sponsors etc. National Organizations can order a number of copies, and can hand them out to whoever they want.


To finance the costs for creating the magazine, the following can be done:

  • Have them printed in a lower-cost country in Europe (Moldova, Latvia) to reduce costs
  • Make use of the JCI network
  • Sell advertisements in the magazine to members and partners
  • Ask National Organizations a small amount per copy


The skills that are needed in the team:

  • Editor in chief to keep the overview
  • Final editor(s) to check all articles for English language and JCI style guide spelling
  • Authors to hold interviews and write articles
  • Salesperson(s) to sell advertisements
  • Graphic designer(s)?
  • Photographer(s)?


  • By March 15: Gather a team
  • By April 27: write a concrete proposal that can be sent to the National Presidents together with the documents for the Assembly at EC.
  • At EC: Present the project, gather input, vote on budget if needed
  • Before September: gather content, prepare design
  • September: put content in layout
  • October: prepare for printing
  • November Yokohama World Congress: have first copies ready, allow National Organizations to order
  • EPM 2021: Hand out copies (or send by mail before that)

Interested in joining? Please contact Jonas Christoffersen (jchristoffersen@eu.jci.cc).