General Assembly at World Congress

3 November 2020


The General Assembly is the supreme authority of JCI which includes the Representatives of all the JCI National Organizations worldwide. The Assembly meets every year during the World Congress, this year virtually in Yokohama, Japan.

The digital World Congress with its amazing and high value JCI RISE VIP program starts on November 3 with over 17,000 participants! From the European countries JCI France is the biggest delegation as TOP5 delegation.

This year’s General Assembly spread across 3 days, with each day having a different focus. The first part of the Assembly focused on reports about JCI activities in 2020.

Reports on 2020

Presidential Report
The Plan of Action for 2020 with the theme “Bridge the gap” has not been implemented as originally planned because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the board and members turned the challenges into opportunities, it led to an even stronger implementation and provided a fast-tracked organizational transformation. Under the guidance of JCI President Itai Manyere, the JCI RISE initiative was created, partnerships (for example with AIESEC and the UN) were strengthened and the major events around the world were reinvented.

World Headquarters (WHQ)
The JCI WHQ presented its focus on providing professional and personal development opportunities for members. For this, Secretary General Kevin Hin has developed a three-year plan which highlights 4 major “products” which are being developed further: Projects, Programs, Events and Trainings. Other programs, such as the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Program, will be adapted for the current times and a Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award (CYEA) will be introduced.
To achieve these ambitious goals, the WHQ is continuously developing and revamping tools like the JCI Action Framework. Official launches are expected in December of 2020.
To facilitate JCI’s digital transformation, a new IT Platform will be launched in Q2 2021 and it is expected to reinvent how JCI members can get access to the materials they need, sign up for events and skills development and interact with each other around the globe.

The finances are handled by the JCI Treasurer, the Chief Financial Officer and its accountant and supervised by the Audit Committee.
The COVID-19 situation influenced the income and expenses of JCI and led to a balance sheet loss.

The JCI Foundation is an independent organisation of JCI with the aim of supporting JCI financially on various levels – global projects, area growth projects and local growth projects. The funds are primarily collected through contributions from JCI donors.

Members that have contributed very well to JCI on Local, National or International level can be recognised as “JCI Senators”. The recognition includes a life time membership in JCI.
Therefore, the senators are also organised separately with the Immediate Past President as their Chair.

Outlook for 2021

Elections of the Board 2021
President-elect is Ryubun Kojima from JCI Osaka (Japan).
The 4 Executive Vice Presidents-elect are Céline Bleher from JCI Angers (France), Harira Cissé from JCI Bamako Espoir (Mali), Teresa Poon from JCI City Lady (Hongkong) and Heather Vardell from JCI Cayce-West Columbia (USA).
Céline Bleher has been assigned to Europe.
Her team are the 5 Vice Presidents assigned to Europe Geir Arne Aune Hovd from JCI Norway, Michaela Palmberg from JCI Finland, Olena Prykhodko from JCI Monaco and Manuela Weber from JCI Germany.
Viktor Omarsson (JCI Iceland) will be the 2021 JCI Treasurer and Amzad Hussain from JCI Bangladesh will act as General Legal Council.

Approval of the 2021 Plan of Action
The National Presidents approved the plan of action (PoA) that President-elect Ryubun has proposed to further accelerate the development of the organization in line with the goals of the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. On the right (or below if you use the mobile view) you can watch him present the PoA.

Committees 2021
The Committees follow the 2021 Plan of Action. That means that Committees can change every year. There are 9 global Committees in 2021 with members of each area. The Committees are Audit Committee, Corporate Partners Committee, Digital Transformation Committee, Foundation Committee, Growth and Development Committee, Institutional Partners Committee, Marketing & Merchandising Committee, RISE Committee and Skills Development Committee. Please find the European members in the overview on the images.

Adapted Award Categories
The Award Categories should reflect the strategic plan, the 4 areas of opportunity and the global initiative RISE. So the General Assembly decided to add the two new categories “Best International Cooperation Project” and the “Best JCI RISE Project”. The criteria for the new categories will be fine-tuned so that projects can be handed in next year for awarding them at the area conferences.

Elections of the World Congress Site 2022
Jeju (South Korea) bade to host the 2022 World Congress after a very successful Asian-Pacific Conference (ASPAC) in 2019. The organising team presented their concept and got elected. Congratulations to JCI Jeju!

Growth in Europe – JCI Portugal
JCI Europe grows by another JCI National Organization – JCI Portugal!
So JCI Europe contains now 33 fully assigned National Organizations and 1 potential National Organization. Congratulations to JCI Portugal to develop so well, especially during the challenging COVID-19 times!

World Congress 2021
The next World Congress will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from November 16-22, 2021. A fascinating country and city! The Congress Theme is “Ignite Compassion, Unite Humanity”. Please find more information about accommodation and program on the pictures.


For outstanding contributions, President Itai has awarded National Organizations and Individual Members with Presidential Recognitions. In this review we highlight especially the European National Organizations.
Congratulations to the National Organizations that have worked on RISE projects and have shown their leadership in managing the crisis. Congratulations to the National Organizations that have successfully fulfilled the 100% Efficiency Program. Special Congratulations to 2020 Vice President Ana Nikolova for her great work.



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