Team Europe looking back on 2021

31 December 2021


Closing remarks by Céline Bléher, 2021 Executive Vice President Europe

Dear all, it is up to each one of us to create tomorrow’s world and it begins now. Taking responsibility helps everyone to grow and JCI offers that option. A unique experience where you can give value to what happens in your proper country and discover the rest of the world from an inside perspective. So wherever you are, keep in mind that you have the chance to play a role to improve the key issues that matter most to you. From my side, it is to contribute to creating a world full of democracy, meaning, concern for others, … that is to say a more human world. I want to thank the amazing 2021 Team Europe for the huge work done together for connecting leaders. We are stronger together. And all of you showed that we were capable of creating change by mixing our passion, commitment, and trust. I invite you to discover our end of the year video because smiling faces and different voices represent so well what is JCI: a multi-faceted organization where everyone can develop and have a positive impact.

Finally, I wish you all the best for you and your beloved ones: have a marvellous 2022 year with health, love, and the ability to make your dreams come true! Some special best wishes to the 2022 elected team: enjoy every single day of this 1-year-to-lead journey and inspire all Europe! Ready to see you all in Bruges!

European Development Council summary by Jana Havlíčková, 2021 EDC Chair

Dear JCI friends and family, it was my pleasure to spend the last two years as part of the European Development Council and it will be my honour to continue being included in EDC2022. The past two years have not been easy and as a famous saying goes: “Diamonds are made under pressure” so I would say that we had had diamond years as Team Europe 2020 and 2021 and I m a bit suspicious that 2022 will still contribute to our growth. Speaking of growth: this year after many many years we have registered a growth in membership in JCI globally as well as in JCI Europe. I would like to congratulate all of us – Team Europe 2021 and 2020, our European and HQ staff and most of all National Presidents and Local Presidents! 

2021 was a successful year also due to the hard work of Team Europe 2020, as EDC we managed to continue the “tradition” of Mentoring and Online Growth and Development Academy, started new projects such as Video Competition, #GoDidital Academy or #ReStart Intensive Support programme. It was not easy working without ever meeting in person with several members of the team, but it was worth it. As one of my favourite leaders, Winston Churchill, says: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  And we (and here I mean all of us) did not waste this and the previous challenging year and in the spirit of JCI we have challenged the status quo, pushed beyond the limits of reasonable feasibility and we have pulled through. In doing so I hope that we have prepared fertile soil for Team Europe 2022 which I will be very happy to be part of. 

As the year draws to a close I invite you to join me in saying: We are JCI and we are here to win or to learn. So… 2021, thank you for all the lessons you have given us! 2022, bring it on, we are ready!

GLC summary by Maria Arjonen, 2021 General Legal Council for JCI Europe

The early part of the year was spent working on the Action Plan and making sure everything is aligned with the EDC Guidelines and with the JCI Europe e.V. Constitution.  GLC has a role to review legal documentation applicable to JCI Europe and coordinate that the processes are aligned with the global JCI Constitution, with the EDC Guidelines, and with the e.V. Constitution. 

The year 2021 was the first full year with the GLC position. Therefore it was important to review the EDC Guidelines with respect to clarifying terms Ex-Officio Officers and Observers, the description of the General Legal Counsel duties as part of the EDC.  For the same reason, it was important to review the JCI Europe e.V. Constitution with respect to the description of the General Legal Counsel tasks and description of the Eligibility for Office for Treasurer and General Legal Counsel, clarifying reimbursement of expenses to Treasurer and General Legal Counsel and also the decision-making about the resignation and suspension of JCI Europe General Legal Counsel and Treasurer. 

Otherwise, the year was spent with matters related to clarifying election coaching for future candidates reviewing candidate forms and Election processes to make better use of electronic systems. GLC tasks have also included the creation of processes and documents, such as checklists of deadlines, voting procedures, cheat sheets, forms, etc. and other administrative work such as reviewing NPM contract and GDPR related issues, the creation of processes and documents, such as structure for Committees and Task Forces, agendas, scripts, minutes and drafting the new JCI Europe Policy. The purpose is to facilitate future GLC tasks and create a good base for the future. 

At the turn of the year, I worked with the JCI Europe Diversity and Inclusion Committee and assisted with the proposed Anti-Harassment Manual. There were many legal questions but now the document specifies clearly that it is not legally binding. It is to be seen as a roadmap for the future instead of a strict set of rules and we will rely on the dedication from NPs and their teams to be implemented. This covers guidelines for the following:

  1. How to set up a Committee or Task Force?
  2. Purpose
  3. Strategic Planning & KPIs
  4. Appointment; call for members
  5. Election process of the Chair
  6. Reporting
  7. Meetings and 
  8. Dissolution. 

Before Online JCI EC GLC also worked with VP Dražen and with the JCI Europe Online Membership Taskforce to assist with the Online Membership Toolkit. The background of this proposal is the need to create a set of guidelines for establishing Online membership within a National Organization. These are guidelines on how you can do it. 

The next step is to continue working with the JCI Europe website Privacy Policy, elections and candidate training, and GLC handover material. The GLC role is also to support JCI Europe Team. GLC participates in JCI Europe Team meetings, JCI Europe BOD Meetings, and JCI EDC Meetings. All three of these are generally once a month. GLC is supporting JCI Europe Officers, Councillors, and NOMs for example in interpreting the National and International Constitutions, Guidelines, and Policies.  



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