Thank you JCI Europe, JCI Belgium is out #micdrop

7 November 2021


During the first week of November 2022, JCI Belgium was in control of the JCI Europe social media and website. And yes, we had a lot to share with you this week

Thanks to our local organisations and the regions (Vlaanderen – BWB), we were able to give you an overview of everything we are (or have been) doing. A big challenge these days, for any JCI-member, is how to stand out as an organisation and make that local impact.

As I said during my year as regional president of JCI Vlaanderen (2020-2021): #DNA is the key within JCI.

Do it Now, take Action and just start doing projects, trainings, … . But most importantly: show everyone that you have JCI in your #DNA. Sometimes you need to challenge yourself, to go to that next level. For me, that is the reason why I’m in JCI, since 2013.

Different stories were told this week, were we showed you how we do things here in Belgium. Did you miss some of the updates? No worries, we sum up all the great initiatives for you in this final blog article:

And our very own National President 2021 Nele Buysmans has some final words for you, as the official outro of the JCI Europe Channel Takeover 🇧🇪.

NP 2021 Nele Buysmans – JCI Belgium

I hope you enjoyed the different stories about everything and everyone in JCI Belgium. What is next? The JCI European Conference 2022 in Bruges, from 8-11th of June 2022. The Early Bird deadline is on the 17th of December 2021, buy your ticket(s) now and we will see you all in our beautiful country.

JCI Belgium is out #micdrop

Kenneth De Decker
Immediate Past President 2021-2022
JCI Vlaanderen



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