The Greatest JCI Pitch

4 November 2021


JCI Vlaanderen, the Dutch speaking region of JCI Belgium, launched a challenge during springtime 2021: who has the greatest pitch about JCI. What are we known for, what is JCI and how do you pitch JCI to others?

The challenge

Every local organisation was allowed to submit one video of 1 minute (based on the Elevator Pitch). There were no limits on delivery, the way of storytelling or anything else: you have one minute, how do you share your story about JCI?

The members showed their love

In the end, three local organisations delivered a final pitch. JCI Houtland, JCI Ghent Artevelde en JCI The Heart of Europe were the finalists and our members were asked to vote for the best and most creative pitch.

Via an online voting tool (and a lot of likes/shares/stories on social media ;-)), we received more than 115 votes.

With 49% of the votes, JCI The Heart of Europe won the greatest pitch. But also, with 40% of the votes, they were voted the most creative pitch.

Thanks to a regional budget and the additional financial support of JCI-trainers, they received a cash prize for investing in their local organisation.

And what are we going to do, with The Greatest JCI Pitch?

A sociale media campaign will be launched, to empower the JCI-brand on a Flemish level.

Are you curious about the pitch?

Say no more, enjoy The Greatest JCI Pitch (ever), by JCI The Heart of Europe.

Kenneth De Decker
Immediate Past President 2021-2022
JCI Vlaanderen



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