Our positions


With our political positions we aim to address political issues that are important to young active citizens throughout Europe and present solutions to pressing challenges our European societies are facing today. 


  1. Foster Respect for European Values and Fundamental Rights

We stand up for a strong, united Europe based on democratic principles and the rule of law that provide every European citizen the rights and freedoms to develop themselves in order to make sustainable impact in their communities.


  1. Increase Political Participation of Young People

National and European authorities, political parties and young people themselves all have a role to play in engaging young people in the European political decision-making process and make their voices heard.


  1. Strengthen European Awareness and Build a European Identity

A strong and united Europe must be built on a shared European awareness and identity among its citizens, while at the same time acknowledging the social and cultural diversity of the European countries.


  1. Ensure Sustainable Development throughout Europe

As the European movement of socially responsible young leaders we call for effective policies that are in line with and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a globalization process that is fair and sustainable for both our society and the environment.


  1. Act against Climate Change and Reduce our Ecological Footprint

To preserve our planet for future generations, we commit to taking measures that protect our climate and environment like advocating for a carbon-neutral economy, promoting and supporting zero waste policies, responsible production and consumption and in general a responsible use of Earth’s precious resources.


  1. Advocate for Equality and Diversity in All Sectors of Society

As an organization that unites young leaders from different nations and cultures from all over the world in their common dedication to provide service to humanity, we strive to achieve equality and diversity in all sectors of society and grant every individual equal chances and opportunities.


  1. Tackle Youth Unemployment

European states should put a stronger focus on creating better entry-level opportunities into the labor market for young people through vocational training, the promotion and support of apprenticeships and employment-oriented training for young people.


  1. Develop Coherent Migration and Asylum Policy

In the light of rising global migration flows, Europe needs a coherent and solidary migration and asylum policy that guarantees respect for human dignity and human rights and contributes to Europe’s socio-economic development.


  1. Create Better Conditions for Entrepreneurs and Foster Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurship is the motor of our society and an important driver of innovation. We need better framework conditions for young entrepreneurs that support them with the process of starting up and expanding their businesses.


  1. Foster Sustainable Innovation and Green Technologies

We believe that the further development and investment in sustainable innovation and green technologies will not only support the European countries in reaching their climate and energy targets, but also present new business opportunities and a chance for economic growth and job creation in Europe.


  1. Strengthen Global Competitiveness of European Businesses

Europe needs to be more innovative to compete on the global market. A future-oriented policy must aim at sustainable investments in education, research, innovation and digitization to guarantee European companies’ success on the global market.


  1. Promote a Stronger Europe in the Global Economy

To strengthen Europe’s global role, the European states need to act together with one voice on the global stage. Global challenges need to be tackled together, thus co-operation with our international partners in the area of trade policy is important to ensure prosperity and growth.

JCI Europe’s Political Position Paper 2019/2020