The JCI European Know-How Transfer (EUKHT) is an exchange program between young leaders and European decision-makers. That allows participants to experience the parlamentary work and to take part in the European decision-making process. At the same time the participating Members of the European Parlament (MEP) learn from socially responsible young leaders and entrepreneurs about challenges their constituencies are facing. Thus, the project strengthens personal contacts and increases understanding between politicians and young leaders.

The European Know-How Transfer includes visits to European institutions, expert talks and discussions with European decision-makers and the shadowing of a MEP for three days. During the EUKHT participants gain valuable insights into the work of the European institutions like the Parlament and the Commission as well as the opportunity to advocate for their interests. Furthermore, the program promotes the European idea, strengthens the European identity and supports cross-country initiatives.

In 2019, the EUKHT was shortlisted for and awarded with a recognition by the “Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach” for enhancing citizens’ understanding of the EU.

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