StepUp4Europe revamp task force

Objective: To reinvent the campaign that should strengthen the identity of JCI in Area D Europe, while considering political sensitivity in all countries in the area.


The StepUp4Europe campaign was introduced in 2018 with the goal to create a European identity and strengthen the JCI brand in Europe. Political positions were created, with the argument that JCI is not party-political, but it does stand for certain political values. Events that were linked to the campaign were the EU Knowhow Transfer, the 2019 StepUp4Europe roadshow and the 2019 EU elections. The campaign aimed to stimulate people to go and vote, without telling them which party to vote for. A video was created by Mark Cheret and Annalisa Schembri, which was meant to be available for JCI members in Europe to share on Social Media, to show what JCI stands for in Europe. A website was created.

Due to the links with EU events, the campaign was often interpreted as to be for the European Union. National Organizations in countries that are not part of the EU, have their reasons not to use the campaign, as it will inevitably be interpreted as a political stance of the organization. Even the word Europe can be sensitive in some countries.


There is a need to reinvent the StepUp4Europe campaign. The goal of the campaign should be to strengthen the identity of JCI in Europe, showing how JCI contributes to a better society in all countries in geographical Europe. The campaign should be acceptable to be used in all National Organizations in JCI Europe. Therefore the concerns of all National Organizations with the current campaign should be taken into account. The assignment is therefore to create a concrete proposal for the new direction of the campaign, that will be presented and voted upon at the 2020 JCI European Conference in Dublin, Ireland.


The following ideas have been suggested for the reinvented campaign:

  • Link the campaign to creating leaders. How does JCI motivate their members to step up for a better community? It can be linked to programs such as Public Speaking and Debating.
  • Remove Europe from the name, to avoid any political implications.
  • Link the campaign to the JCI Europe magazine with best practices, that will be created and published by the end of the year. The magazine will contain the best stories and best practices of National Organizations in Europe. When linking it with the campaign, it can be presented as a showcase of what JCI does in Europe to motivate members to step up. Just like the video was intended to show potential members and partners what JCI does, the magazine can be used to strengthen the brand of JCI in Europe, showing what we do and what we stand for.


  • By March 15: Gather a team
  • By April 10: Have a draft proposal how to continue with the campaign, for team Europe to review
  • By April 27: The proposal will be sent out to all National Presidents
  • At EC (May 27 – 30): Present the campaign proposal and vote on it
  • Between EC and WC: See if existing activities in this period can already be linked to the campaign, to accelerate the launch. Motivate National Organizations to incorporate the campaign into their plans for 2021. Create/Update the design of the campaign.
  • At WC: New campaign fully in place, presented together with the JCI Europe best practices magazine

Interested in joining the taskforce? Please contact Lauri Valtonen (