Regional Growth & Development Academy Program

JCI Regional Growth & Development Academy Program

The JCI Regional Growth & Development Academy (JCI RGDA) is a regional version of the Growth & Development Academy (organised annually by JCI EDC, which traditionally takes place every year before the European Conference). 

Its focus is to generate growth strategies, activities and projects, in order to build sustainable local and national organisations in a specific geographical region (eg. Baltic, Balkan).

The JCI RGDA could last between 2 and 3 days.

It is hosted by one National Organisation in a partnership with minimum two other National Organisation (meaning having participants from minimum three National Organisations).

How JCI European Development Council Can Support?

JCI EDC provides three types of support for organising an JCI RGDA:

  • Financial support by providing grant support of up to 500€, covering training facilities (eg. renting a place to host the academy activities) and trainers (eg. travel and accommodation of the trainers) related costs. Any other costs are covered by the organisers. Not applicable for online academies.
  • Trainers support by assisting in finding trainers with relevant expertise to cover the academy content. Applicable for online academies as well.
  • Design support by assisting in designing the academy general structure (types of trainings and other activities, flows, etc., but not the trainings and activities specific content, which is in the hands of the trainers). Applicable for online academies as well.

NB! An organisation can apply for any of the three, two or all three in the same application.

Keep in mind that the Financial support is on the fist come first serve basis due to the limited financial resources. If there are no available financial resources, this will be announced on the website.

Application for 2023

Applications are acceppted any time before 31st October, 2023.

NB! Results can be expected within 2 weeks after submission.

Financial support: First come, first serve principle. Grant will be given after an evaluation of the application in case there are available resources. Advanced payment is for up to 50% of the requested grant.

Trainers & Design support: Support is available all the time during the application period.

NB! Academies need to take place till the end of 2023.

Reporting for 2024

Reporting must be completed latest 2 months after the RGDA took place and latest before December 31st, 2023. If you fail to do it without a good reason, you won’t be able to apply for any support from EDC in the next 12 months following the completion of the academy.

NB! Reporting includes also reporting forms from the partner national organisations together with the general form to be completed by the hosting national organisation.

Reporting includes photos from the academy, so keep in mind to make such during the academy implementation.

Regional Growth & Development Academy Program

Minimum Requirements:

  • Тo have at least 15 participants from at least 3 different national organisations (this is a requirement for the financial support).
  • Draft budget of the academy (this is a requirement for the financial support).
  • Minimum 2 full days of program (can be distributed in 1 full day and two half days).
  • Outline of the purpose and aims of the academy.
  • To provide approximate dates of the academy.

Financial Reporting:

In case of a financial support the reporting includes also a financial reporting and prove of payments needs to be included as an attachment.

If you fail to provide the financial documents:

  • You won’t get any financial support.
  • In case of advanced payment, you will be requested to give back the amount of the advanced payment.

In case less than 15 participants and/or less than 3 national organistions have been represented you will not get the full amount of the financial support requested, but only 50%.