Would you like to organize a high quality training in your local / national organization? Elevate your skills and those of your members? Then check out our trainer and course gallery. 

Explore the power of our Skills Development Platform and find the perfect training and trainer for your needs. You can select individual trainings that you find interesting, you can search by language, country or competencies (communication, team building, project management etc.).

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Skills Development Platform
Skills Development Platform

Are you a seasoned trainer eager to expand your horizons and share your knowledge with JCI members across Europe? Elevate your training expertise and join JCI Europe’s Skills Development. 

Explore the power of our Skills Development Platform and craft your exclusive trainer profile. By becoming a part of this trainers community and enriching the JCI Europe Skill Development Platform with your credentials, fellow JCI members, as well as JCI Local and National Organizations, will be able to discover your profile and expertise, and connect with you future trainings.

If you are willing to share your expertise and training experience to help JCI organisations and members within Europe with engaging training sessions, you are welcome to register your profile by filling the form below. You will also be able to register your courses in a seperate form.

All JCI Trainers, both members, senators and alumni, are welcome to register!