Who we are

JCI Europe is the area representative of JCI (Junior Chamber International), a global nonprofit membership organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40.  Our purpose is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to take action for positive change.

Active in more than 5,000 communities across nearly 120 countries worldwide, JCI members unite all sectors of society (business, politics, society) to create sustainable impact.

One of our key goals is to develop leaders for a changing world. Therefore we offer lots of training possibilities on leadership to our members.

In Europe, JCI is present in 34 countries

Over 25,000 members across the region

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What we do

Engaging in activities focused on sustainable development locally and globally, JCI members take responsibility for their communities. On the same time they empower themselves and improve leadership skills and expertise.

We believe that collaborative ownership between government, economy and civil society will produce sustainable solutions and global impact.

Active Citizen Framework:

This is a project management tool that JCI has developed. With this we want to ensure that projects are successfully conducted.
We encourage young people to take responsibility for local, national and global challenges and find targeted and sustainable solutions that benefit our communities and the world.

The Framework ensures a community-based, needs-focused approach, centers on grassroots action and results in sustainable positive change.

How to become a member:

Join our global movement of active citizens and help seek solutions to the greatest challenges of our time!

Our partners

In 2019, JCI Europe became a member of the European Youth Forum with an observer status, advocating for youth-minded policies and greater youth participation.

JCI Europe collaborates through a partnership signed in 2019 with the European Projects Network (EPN) to empower JCI Europe members to develop quality project proposals to achieve European funding.

Easy Signup allows JCI organizations to manage events on local, national or European level.