Introducing the New Leaders Steering JCI’s Vision in Europe

29 January 2024


Introducing the New Leaders Steering JCI’s Vision in Europe

At the forefront of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Europe, a dynamic cadre of leaders has assumed responsibility, spearheading the organization’s mission to nurture young leaders and tackle societal challenges. These newly elected board members, equipped with diverse expertise and unwavering passion, are poised to fortify JCI’s presence, not only within Europe but on a global scale.

Navigating the European Landscape

Within the vast and diverse landscape of Europe, JCI has found a home for countless initiatives, collaborations, and impactful projects. The newly elected leaders for JCI Europe are now poised to amplify this impact. Let’s meet the trailblazers who are steering JCI’s mission in Europe and beyond.

Meet the Team Europe 2024

Manuela Weber – JCI Executive Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Germany

Manuela, an experienced IT project manager with a passion for music and travel, embarks on her role as Executive Vice President assigned to Europe. Her focus lies in fortifying JCI’s presence in the region, implementing the 33 initiatives of the 2024 Plan of Action, and fostering a dynamic community among JCI Europe leaders.

Jacob Døring – JCI Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Denmark

With a thriving recruitment firm and a dedication to family, Jacob brings a wealth of experience to ignite program initiatives across multiple countries. His focus on supporting strong JCI leaders underscores his commitment to sustainable growth and mentorship.

Assigned countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Malta, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Türkiye

Georgina Matamoros – JCI Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Catalonia

Georgina, an entrepreneur empowering women through her marketing agency, joins JCI’s mission to bolster local organisations, aid in recruitment, and enhance brand visibility. Her dedication to fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange is complemented by her love for anthropology and yoga, finding balance amidst diverse cultures.

Assigned countries: France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Cyprus, Serbia, Czech Republic

Laurence Schuurman – JCI Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Belgium

Laurence’s international career in IT and finance, coupled with her coaching and training acumen, positions her perfectly to serve Nordic National Organisations. Her warmth, positivity, and adaptive leadership equip her to guide members through the ever-evolving VUCA world.

Assigned countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

Fatih Şengül – JCI Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Türkiye

Bringing a wealth of marketing and leadership experience, Fatih strategizes to enhance JCI programs, bolster brand awareness, drive national growth, and engage stakeholders. His multifaceted approach includes program innovation, brand strategy, membership expansion, and stakeholder empowerment.

Assigned countries: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland

Emory White – JCI Vice President (Europe)

From JCI Australia

With a degree in Sociology and a robust background in Business Development and Account Management, Emory brings a wealth of expertise to her role as JCI Vice President assigned to Europe. Her primary objective is to elevate JCI’s brand awareness and visibility across European National Organisations by leveraging her extensive international connections and forging strategic partnerships.

Assigned countries: Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Italy, Catalonia and Romania

Ulla Pirkola – JCI European Development Council Chairperson

From JCI Finland

Ulla, at the helm of JCI’s Growth mission, leads the EDC Team with passion and commitment to bolstering national and local organisations across Europe. Her consultancy agency specializes in guiding companies toward global success, mirroring her dedication to nurturing aspiring leaders within JCI. When not immersed in JCI activities, she finds solace in nature, at the gym, or enjoying movies with her partner in the heart of Oulu, Finland, eagerly anticipating the European Conference 2024.

Marie-Gisèle (Mgi) Fringant Pedrozo – JCI Europe Treasurer

From JCI Monaco

With a background in banking and an entrepreneurial spirit, Marie-Gisèle pledges to ensure financial stability by closely following and safeguarding the budget while leveraging her national experience to attract quality financial partners. Her love for swimming, travel, and a knack for communication underscores her commitment to fostering collaboration and financial transparency within JCI.

Cristina Cerga – JCI European Development Councilor for Skill Boosting

From JCI Romania

Cristina’s expertise as a Brand Architect and entrepreneur converges with her passion for sailing, aviation, and exploration. As Skill Boosting lead, she spearheads initiatives to identify, develop, and disseminate targeted training programs, empowering National Organisations and fostering a support network for former leaders to share their expertise.

Evija Baravika – JCI European Development Councilor for Local & National Collaboration

From JCI Latvia

Evija, an advocate for collaboration, aims to cultivate ties among local and national growth and development officers, fostering new methods to support the next wave of leaders. Her love for pickles, dogs, and Latvian folk dances mirrors her knack for connecting with people, essential in fostering comfort and cooperation in new projects.

Iida Repo – JCI European Development Councilor for Impact & Promotion

From JCI Finland

Iida, an adept business, branding and communications professional with a penchant for arts and music, leads the charge in enhancing JCI’s impact and visibility across European National Organisations. Her strategic vision, bolstered by a dedicated team and new marketing agency partnerships, aims to attract fresh visibility and membership to JCI Europe actions. She has been a member for 15 years, co-founder of her local english speaking organisation JCI United and Chief Communications Officer of JCI Finland.

Arkın Çoban – JCI European Development Councilor for New Organisations

From JCI Türkiye

Arkin, an electrical and electronics engineer turned international sales manager, leverages a decade-long tenure in JCI and four years in European-level roles to guide and foster sustainable connections with potential and provisional National Organisations. His goal is to facilitate the establishment of sustainable and thriving JCI chapters in untapped territories.

Sandra Fuchs – JCI European Development Councilor for Intensive Support

From JCI Germany

Sandra, a seasoned project and marketing manager, channels her expertise in conflict management and team leadership to bolster local circles within JCI. Her commitment to nurturing growth shines through initiatives like implementing mentoring programs and fortifying the Growth and Development Academy. Beyond her professional life, Sandra finds solace in diving and long walks with her Border Collie, cherishing adventures shared with her husband and their 1-year-old son.

Simo Engbom – JCI European Development Councilor for Intensive Care

From JCI Finland

Simo, a luminary in process development and operational excellence, leverages his prowess in process excellence and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification to fortify JCI’s operations. His mission centres on identifying root causes and defining corrective actions, emphasizing cross-functional teamwork as the cornerstone of success. When not driving operational excellence, Simo immerses himself in sports, outdoor activities, cooking, and global exploration, residing in Hämeenlinna with his partner.

Sofia Saarinen – JCI Europe Development Council Assistant

From JCI Finland

Sofia, a procurement lawyer in the public sector, is no stranger to JCI’s multifaceted roles across local, regional, and European levels. Her tenure in JCI spans from grassroots involvement to currently supporting the European Development Council and its Chair in administrative duties. Sofia’s commitment to JCI’s functions underscores her dedication to its growth and impact.

Susan Houterman – Executive Assistant to EVP in JCI Europe

From JCI Netherlands

Susan is a chemical engineer by training with 7 years of experience in site management teams in chemical industry. With her structured mindset, organizational skills and decisiveness, she is dedicated to facilitate and support the EVP and team Europe where she can maximize the effectiveness and impact.

Dr. Tarek Bary – JCI Europe Assigned Legal Representative

JCI Germany

Bringing legal acumen and six years of JayCee experience, Tarek aims to streamline JCI’s legal structure, making operations smoother and more effective. Based in Germany with a bustling family life, he envisions a robust legal framework supporting JayCees in their endeavours.

Oana Radu – Growth & Development Director for Europe

From JCI Romania

Oana Radu currently serves as the Growth and Development Director for Europe at Junior Chamber International (JCI). Oana holds a bachelor’s degree in economic informatics and a master’s degree in marketing and she has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical IT field, managing one of the top 5 Romanian software providers for pharmacies, with a portfolio of over 1200 pharmacies. She has also a serial entrepreneur profile being the founder of businesses in: IT, education, marketing, and tourism. With international exposure in projects, both in the business environment and in the NGO environment, she joined JCI in 2010 and was one of the founding members of her local organisation JCI Constanta and 2017 JCI Romania National President. Oana has good knowledge of project management methodologies, understanding of scope, requirement gathering, dependencies, and scheduling work. She speaks Romanian and English and knows basic Italian, Spanish and French.

Catalina Brinza – Growth & Development Manager for Europe

From JCI Romania

Catalina Brinza currently serves as the Growth and Development Manager for Europe at Junior Chamber International (JCI), in charge of providing services to JCI Europe members, the JCI Europe’s BOD according to the JCI WHQ policies, and JCI Europe legal entity policies.

Catalina holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Assistance, she has a strong business and entrepreneurial background, currently managing multiple online stores. She joined JCI in 2015, having many positions on the local and national level and served as JCI Romania President in 2021. Catalina (Senator #78963) speaks Romanian and English and knows basic Spanish and French and is located in Bucharest, Romania.

A Glimpse into Their Vision

Each member brings a unique perspective and a dedicated vision to their role within JCI, aiming to strengthen the national organisations, local chapters, foster collaboration, and amplify the impact of JCI’s initiatives. They stand united in their commitment to nurturing leadership, fostering growth, and promoting positive change across communities. The amalgamation of diverse backgrounds, professional acumen, and unwavering enthusiasm among these new board members sets the stage for a thriving JCI in Europe.

These stalwarts exemplify JCI’s spirit, driven by a commitment to intensive care and support, fortified by diverse skills and unwavering dedication. Their combined mission aims to bolster operational efficiency, nurture mentorship, and elevate JCI’s functions across Europe.

Looking Ahead

As these dynamic individuals assume their roles, their collective aspiration is to uphold JCI’s values, inspire young leaders, and cultivate an environment where innovation, collaboration, and service reign supreme. Their joint efforts promise to steer JCI Europe toward greater heights of impact and influence in the pursuit of positive change.

Stay tuned as these leaders embark on their journey to shape the future of JCI in Europe and beyond!

JCI – Developing Leaders for a Changing World

Founded in 1915, JCI is a global nonprofit non-governmental (NGO) organisation dedicated to providing development opportunities to young people from 18-40. With a presence in over 100 countries from which 34 countries are in Europe, JCI empowers its members to develop leadership skills, network, and implement impactful projects. JCI’s commitment to fostering positive change aligns seamlessly with its vision of creating a sustainable impact on a global scale.

Our mission is to provide leadership development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Our vision is to be the foremost global network of young leaders.



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