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Unite with JCI members and partners from across the world at one of the many JCI events hosted each year. Registration is now open for 2022 Events!

2021 JCI World Congress

2023 JCI World Congress

31 October-04 November 2022

The World Congress is one of the annual signature events of Junior Chamber International.

In 2022, the JCI World Congress will be hosted by JCI Hong Kong, who will offer an online and offline experience like no other.

More information and registration are availabe at

2021 JCI World Congress

2022 JCI European Meet-Up

30 October-04 November 2022

JCI Malta will be hosting a meet-up organised by JCI Europe (Area D). The programme officially starts on the 31st October and ends on the evening of the 4th November with a European Meet-up Soiree.

Delegates from all around Europe can tune in to the JCI World Congress programme and events together, and get to experience some exclusive training sessions, key notes, discussions and excursions that will make their visit to Malta worthwhile.

JCI Malta is offering several packages for National Presidents, Deputies and members as well as their partners who might be interest in joining in the fun!

NOTE: The main conference packages are only available to persons already registered for the JCI World Congress.