JCI RISE – Rebuild-Invest-Sustain-Evolve

Following a period of uncertainty, Europe, together with the rest of the world, will need to double down on its efforts in regenerating and rebuilding itself, its economy, its businesses and its human resources. There’s no better way of fulfilling the JCI mission and vision in Europe at this point in time than being a force of empowerment to our individual members, our communities and our businesses in each and every country.

RISE is JCI’s reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic from an economic perspective. It’s a member-driven initiative, encouraging members to develop projects related to the three pillars of RISE:

  1. Sustaining and rebuilding economies by supporting small, local businesses
  2. Motivating the workforce through youth entrepreneurship
  3. Preserving mental health and well-being

This initiative anchors JCI in economic reality, while enabling our global members to move towards One Future.

We need to be active agents of positive change by standing up, supporting and also leading our communities to be better. #RebuildConnectLead as part of JCI RISE is the way European JCI members can set a gold standard with projects derived from a simple method. Together, we can shape a better future for our continent, and set an example for the world to follow.

Implementing #RebuildConnectLead in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: 

The first step is to look into the kind of areas the country needs to improve in but looking retrospectively through the below suggested method, as well as the Active Citizenship Framework. Here, the National Organization can identify the national need, and empower the local organisations to seek and implement projects that tackle that need.

What matters to you? Who will you work with to address this and succeed? How will your leadership be seen as an example?
The Economy With Members In your Country
The Community With Politicians In Your City
Local Leaders With Community Groups In Your Business
Businesses With Charities In Your Organisation
Infrastructure With Chambers of Commerce In Your Political System
And many more… And many more… And many more…

Step 2:

The Local Organizations are given a sample question to work with using the three different aspects chosen from the #RebuildConnectLead pillars and they can either pick a sample project suggested in the following pages of this document, or else come up with a project that they feel is more relevant to their community’s needs.

Further Material:

10 Project Proposals for National and Local Organizations

Meet the Leaders: JCI Organizations set interviews, webinars, panel discussions, meetings etc. with prominent business and political leaders to learn how they rebuild communities in 2020/21.

Friendly Business Awards: This is a JCI Ireland flagship program where they recognise the pivotal role that small businesses play in their local community. The aim of the Friendly Business Awards is to celebrate the value these businesses bring to local communities every day.

Lobby Letter: A letter or postcard writing campaign of community members that write about a local cause that they want to put on the political agenda. These are handed over to the specific politician that could take it up as part of their agenda. In this way, JCI would be engaging communities to lead the conversation on what matters to them.

Leadership Bootcamp:
JCI Organizations can provide training opportunities for unemployed young people by delivering a leadership bootcamp. This can focus on increasing the employability prospects of these individuals, helping them take charge of their own lives and also advise in writing their own CV.

Cross-Border Business Exchange: By leveraging the JCI Twinning network, JCI Local Organizations can organise a cross-border business trips to showcase local producers and businesses to new markets. Events could include business networking, company visits, etc.

Chamber of Commerce Partnership: Using the Global Partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce, Local Organizations should partner up with the City’s or Country’s Chamber of Commerce and assist them with ongoing engagement with local business.

Support Local: Start initiatives promoting local buying and supporting local businesses directly, leading the way by example. Form local business networks to enhance support and growth for the local community.

Defeating Loneliness: Together with mental health organisations Local Organizations can help to defeat loneliness and deliver those initiatives with wider reach. For instance pairing up young people with elderly people or young people in foster care to build friendships and networks.

Mental Health First: Mental health is an issue not easily addressed. Through this project, JCI Local Organizations can reach out to Businesses and their Human Resources Departments to highlight the importance of observing and securing the mental health of employees.

Speak Up on Mental Health: This project idea would promote the topic of mental health by getting JCI members to speak about their own mental health challenges. This could be done through an online campaign to showcase to others that “you are not alone feeling”.