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An exciting initiative *#GoDigital* has been launched by EDC for the JCI countries in Europe!

Many businesses have understood that they need to adapt to the “new normal” but they don’t always have access to information how to do it, who can help in this process and how to adjust their traditional way of looking at business to survive the current challenges.


Time to #GoDigital

Why #GoDigital?

Digital transformation is one of the solutions – that’s why we’re focusing on JCI projects that are using technology, online tools, and support innovation.

You are invited to submit information about your national and local projects in which you used digital tools such as platforms, software, e-commerce, e-marketing, social media, digitalization workshops, etc. to support Small and Medium Businesses in 2020 / 2021.

What's the aim of #GoDigital?

aim is to help other countries and local organizations apply the best practices that you developed and increase the impact of your projects by helping businesses in other communities.

Some JCI organizations have used fundraising online platforms & marketing campaigns, others promoted innovation via awards programs and workshops, others introduced internal cloud-based platforms to improve communication – that may be also easily configured by SMEs.


“The purpose of this framework is to exchange best practices amongst National Organisations and Local Organizations about projects that helped out the small & medium businesses in your communities go through the current hardships.”

How can you contribute & benefit?


Based on your input, we want to create actionable SMEs Digitalization Toolkit that could be used under the JCI RISE initiative for creating your new local and national projects, help the economy and hopefully save some jobs, as well. Share your awesome project:


Explanation of the #GoDigital initiative.