2022 Online Growth & Development Academy

Are you brave enough to become the next JCI leader?

Join the Online Growth & Development Academy to learn more about yourself and how to overcome the challenges of your personality in order to be able to help your team grow and shape the future of JCI and the world.

2023 JCI Europe OGDA
How can I become a leader for a changing world?

We are living in a rapidly changing world which means that the definition of leader is constantly evolving. If you want to be a good leader you need to start by being curious. Be curious about yourself and your reactions, be curious about what makes other people tick, be curious about the ways the world works, be curious about failing and learning from mistakes. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new!
Only then can you start shaping the leaders of tomorrow and helping everyone around you grow.

    How will the OGDA help me in my journey as a leader?
    The Online Growth & Development Academy is all about you! It consists of 4 modules that will take you on a journey to self-exploration, personal growth, adaptability and provide you with the tools you need to succeed when leading a team.
    The modules are:
    1. Identity | 05.10.2023 – Learn more about yourself and answer questions like: Who am I as a person? Who am I as a leader? How do I want to be perceived by others? What are my values? What is my vision?
    2. Roadblocks | 12.10.2023 – Learn how to adapt to the always changing world and see roadblocks as challenges that help you grow. How to change my perspective? How to be more responsible? How to believe in myself and find motivation within? Am I brave enough?
    3. Growth | 19.10.2023 – What does it mean to have a “Growth Mindset”? How to ask for help? How to be vulnerable? How to trust others?
    4. Development | 26.10.2023 – You are now ready to take on the role as a leader and help others on their own journey of self-exploration. Time to look into the future and learn how to give up control, how to lift people up and build sustainable organizations.

    Save the dates and come on this journey with us!

    How can I be part of the Growth & Development Academy?
    There are two ways you can become part of the journey:
    1. Become a trainer or part of the organizing team – Do you want to be part of an international team, learn about EDC and help shape the OGDA 2023? Then send an email to  introducing yourself and your motivation to be part of the OGDA organizing team by August 31st, 23:59 CET. You don’t need tons of experience, just the willingness to go out of your comfort zone and help JCI Europe members grow.
    2. Become a participant – Registration is already open! Participation fee is €10 for all 4 modules.

    All JCI members are welcome to participate in the Academy. Save the dates and follow JCI Europe on Facebook to learn when registrations open.
    Module 1: 05.10.2023
    Module 2: 12.10.2023
    Module 3: 19.10.2023
    Module 4: 26.10.2023

    All sessions will be held from 7-9pm CET in Zoom.
    We encourage you to attend all 4 Modules to complete your OGDA journey. In case life happens and you need to skip a module all sessions will be recorded and shared later with paid participants.
    Team 2022

    OGDA Trainers & Organisers

    2023 JCI Europe OGDA

    Anna Mihaylova

    EDC Coucillor


    Björn Fuchs

    JCI Germany


    Catherine Müller

    JCI Belgium


    Courtney Bates

    JCI Scotland


    Denitsa Valeva

    JCI Bulgaria


    Ecegul Somay

    JCI Turkey


    Flóra Simon

    JCI Germany


    Katie Black

    JCI Scotland


    Mohammed Hamed

    JCI Malta


    Tobias Deniz Köhler

    JCI Germany

    2023 JCI Europe OGDA
    2023 JCI Europe OGDA
    Online Growth & Development Academy

    Registration is open!

    Participation fee: €10 for all 4 modules + Networking session + Additional materials and challenges to help you on your journey after the academy.
    All sessions will be held from 7-9 pm CET in Zoom.
    All JCI members are welcome to participate in the academy. Follow JCI Europe on Facebook to be the first to receive further updates about the academy.

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