First JCI Europe Diversity Week: Where knowledge meets passion

10 December 2020


What happens when you get involved in a topic and ask your fellow JCI members for support? Well, it gets mind-blowing!

During Diversity Week in the end of November JCI emebers from all around the world combined forces and provided more than 20 trainings, workshops, lectures, talks and even a play – all around the topic “Diversity”.

A week of education, awareness raising, fruitful exchange and motivation on a shared vision: to change the world for the better. Jennifer Polzin, Diversity Week CoC: “I am completely overwhelmed by the worldwide interaction during the week! Not only trainers but also participants came together from all over the world and were able to connect with other members to work together even more in the future.”

Over 450 participants prove Diversity & Inclusion a relevant topic of exchange for our organization and a crucial business success factor for companies and local organization. Therefore, many workshops focused on the entrepreneurial benefits of diversity.

Facts & figures – What a week!

  • 20 events in one week with one motivation
  • Over 30 hours of trainings with simultaneous translated subtitles
  • 50% as Live Stream / 50 % Safe Space Workshops
  • 5 online platforms
  • Trainers from 15 JCI chapters and 12 nations
  • Over 450 participants
  • Over 8,000 people reached via social media
  • Zero budget, but a lot of heart!


All Live Streams are still available on Facebook



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