Review of 2020 and KickOff for 2021

27 October 2020


The European National Presidents Meeting took place on the 27th of October during the JCI World Congress. It is the event to recap the activities of the current year and set up the team and goals for the following year.

Summary of the reports for 2020

European Development Council (EDC)

The EDC team led by Chairperson Natascha Joof reported on how they turned the COVID-19 challenges into opportunities.
The Regional Growth & Development Academies, which were initially going to be a large part of the 2020 activities, were turned into a new format: The Online Growth & Development Academy, which attracted roughly 80 participants. Additionally, the EDC launched a mentoring program for Local Organizations with 17 mentees. The new tool “Health Checklist” is now available for Local and National Organizations to easily analyse their strength and weaknesses. Finally, on the communications front, the new broadcast format #JCIEuropeLive was developed and executed in 8 completed sessions (with 3 more to go) and the reach of the digital communication channels were increased.

Executive Vice President and Vice Presidents

The JCI International Vice Presidents for Europe also gave reports on their activities. The common theme? Adapting to the developing pandemic through online meetings. Lots and lots of online meetings. While none of them were able to travel as much as they expected, the VPs all praised the flexibility shown by their National Organizations and looked to support them remotely in any way they could. The VPs also engaged in a plethora of additional activities, be those panel sessions, live streams, working with task-forces and committees or expanding their social media activities.

EVP Marion de Groot, who also chaired the National Presidents Meeting, used her opening and closing remarks to praise the team for their great cooperation, positive attitude and team spirit.

European Treasurer

Treasurer Lauri Valtonen explained the use of the European finances according to the 2020 budget plan and proposed the budget for 2021.

European Taskforces & Committees

  • #StepUp4Europe Taskforce
    The taskforce worked on adapting the existing campaign to adapt it to the needs of JCI in 2020 and beyond. The result is the development of #RebuildConnectLead as a part of the new global JCI RISE initiative.
  • Business Taskforce
    The Taskforce developed new formats like a Business Day during the European Conference to support business activities among JCI members.
  • JCI Europe Magazine
    A Magazine has been created by the Magazine Team and will be soon published highlighting big projects and activities of JCI Europe and National Organizations in 2020. The digital version of the magazine will be available to all JCI members free of charge.
  • Communication Taskforce
    The Taskforce worked on proposals to further improve communication and provide proper information to the National Presidents and Members.
  • Partnership Committee
    The Partnership Committee introduced plans for a Virtual Entrepreneurship Incubator Programme and highlighted how JCI partnerships internationally are being streamlined to provide the maximum value for JCI organizations and members.
  • Equality & Diversity Committee
    The Committee has organised regular webinars about diversity and equality topics and created a “Anti-Harassement Policy”, which was adopted. Furthermore, they continue to develop an Anti-Harassment Manual, which will be ready for consideration in 2021.

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Decisions for 2021

Taskforces & Committees

  • Business Committee
    It has been decided that a Business Committee for JCI Europe will be introduced for 2021. Concrete information about how to become a member on this new committee will be communicated in the coming weeks.
  • Equality & Diversity
    The Equality & Diversity Taskforce will be chaired by Jennifer Polzin (JCI Germany) in 2021 and will build upon the work of the 2020 team.

Elections for Europe

The Team for the European Development Council 2021 is elected:

  • Chairperson: Jana Havlickova (JCI Czech Republic)
  • Intensive Support: Alexandra Botos (JCI Romania), Laurence Schuurman (JCI Belgium)
  • New Organizations: Grigory Gorchakov (JCI Russia)
  • Skills Boosting: Heidi Pederson (JCI Sweden)
  • Impact & Promotion: Markus Behmann
  • Local & National Collaboration: Joanna Mamczur (JCI Poland)

The General Legal Council (GLC) 2021 is Maria Arjonen (JCI Finland)

JCI Europe congratulates all newly elected officials on their positions and is looking forward to what will surely be an excellent year in 2021!



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